Battlefield BF3 Stats

Best looking and most complete BF3 stats app on the market!
Designed for both phones and tablets.
Stats and images are provided by

  • View dogtags
  • View global scores and stats
  • View upcoming unlocks
  • View kits, weapons, vehicles with stats and unlocks
  • View assignments with progress
  • View ribbons, medals (with progression towards next medals)
  • View equipments with stats
  • View rankings
  • View server last played on
  • Side-by-side player comparison
  • Add multiple players with ease
  • Add multiple widgets to home screen (one for each of your friends if you like).
  • Change language through settings (multiple localization supported)

Thanks to the guys at for making this app possible :)

You are using an old version of Battlefield BF3 Stats Donate Key purchased before March 10th 2012.
The support for the old version of the donation key app has been disabled as a result of excessive piracy issues.
The donation/premium key app has been updated with countermeasures that effectively illiminates piracy by enforcing that those who only bought the app through Google Play Store are able to use it.
Those who bought the donation key before March 10th 2012 are not able to update or download to new the version by reason explained in the next section.
The solution to that problems is to apply for a special coupon code. You will find the instrutions for how to apply by reading that next section.
This information is intended for those who purchased the donation app prior to March 10th 2012.
If you bought the donation app long time ago and have the issue that Google Play tells you to repurchase the app, then the following information is relevant for you.

The original Battlefield BF3 Stats and my developer accounts was removed by Google do alleged policiy violation. As I was not able to get in touch with Market Support, I had to create a new developer account and republish all my apps
I did some changes to the app, changed the icon and some other minor adjustment which will hopefully keep the app on Google Play
As my old Google Merchant Account is still suspended there is no way for me to refund old purchases.
I am not able to see who bought the old donation key either as my account is completely blocked.
But I have solved this issue with coupon system added in the newest version of the app (introduced with v1.50).
Buyers of the donation key can apply for a "coupon" to get rid of the ads
Instructions are as follow:
  1. First step is to send me a verification that you bought the app.
    You do this my sending me a message through Google Wallet:
    1. Login to Google Wallet
    2. Click View orders and scroll down to you find the purchase of the donation key
    3. At the top of the receipt, click Contact Bjorncs Apps (or similar)
    4. Send me a message with your Google email address you used to login to Google Wallet / Google Play Store
      The coupon system uses the Gmail account setup on your phone to validate the coupon, so its important that this email is correct
  2. Wait for reply from me. I will register your email on the coupon server and send you a reply once this is done
  3. Open the Battlefield BF3 Stats stats. Go to settings and click Activate coupon located at the bottom of settings view
    If everything was setup correct, you will get a message confirming the activation of coupon. The ads will then be gone next time you launch the app
    You may have to click "Activate coupon" again if you reinstall the app or do a clean app cache.
  4. Uninstall any old version of the premium/donate app if you are getting annoying popups on startup.
  5. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for supporting the development.

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